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City Teardown Guidelines


Regulating the departure from the city in the last day (15/10/22).


Due to licensing restrictions and for the safety of all participants, the entry of vehicles for transport will be limited and gradual and will be managed by the traffic department.

On the last day, service providers will be able to enter the city from 15:00 (or according to the production instructions and police approval).

No entry of private vehicles into the city will be allowed until the complete evacuation of the city and a formal decision on the end of the event made by the police.

After receiving permission from the police, no vehicles will be allowed to enter the city parameters, and exit will be allowed only through the gate area, except for emergency vehicles. All traffic lanes will become exit lanes, and traffic will be directed by the Gate volunteers, who will dictate a slow and safe evacuation.

Photo by: Adam Sherez


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