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A shout out to the Video Documantion Department

A Shout Out to the Video Documentation Department!

Join the team that will produce the full Midburn documentary! More details to follow

Do you know how to tell a story? To film a video? To record quality sound? To choose the right content for the story? To produce location photography days and manage staff? To draft and to draw


Midburn is calling you



In 2018, I took part in the building stage as a chef in the kitchen and I cooked together with other volunteers for 350 people who were responsible for surveying, planning, building and establishing the town that arose from the dust.

I remember that one day a dramatic sandstorm blew in and really threatened everything they had set up so far. Everyone prepared for it, but did not really imagine the power of the winds till they came blowing in.

Tons of powdery dust swirled in the air, objects took off into the sky and disappeared, sheds collapsed, shading buckled, everyone fled to take shelter as if the apocalypse was upon us and I found myself running towards a formidable metal shipping container that protected me and a few other people until the storm passed.

I remember that after that, when they started evaluating the damage, there was a really depressed atmosphere, to the point of rethinking the whole event itself and, at that very moment, I thought to myself; Wow, what a drama and that no one is filming it all to make it into one complete story.

(Needless to say, in the end, the DPW heroes overcame the problem as if nothing had happened)

My name is Eliad Golan, a graduate of film and television studies cum laude, and I have been involved in the field of video for over 10 years, in a variety of genres, as a photographer, director, editor and producer.

Midburn’s official video department is a new department that I am launching right now and you can be a part of it!

If you have experience in research, production, video photography, sound recording, video and music editing, content and creative editing, graphics or sound editing – I invite you to come and create the full-length documentary of the Israeli Burningman, together with me!

The video documentation department is just like the rest of the production departments at Midburn, participants and volunteers take part in it so we will have an amazing event.

Participation is neither compulsory nor does it earn you wages.

For video, sound, production and field directing roles, it is important to take into account that the job will include staying on site during the set-up time, during the event and during strike.

(You can choose which parts you want to volunteer for)

Of course this project will be under the rules of cinematography and everyone’s privacy will be respected.

So come on, let us know what you are best at and how you feel about taking part, how many days you wish to contribute of your time and in which round – set-up / event / strike, or all three.

Please indicate what equipment you have (photography and sound) and what experience you have along with a project or two that you are really proud of having done.

If you think you can contribute to the project in another way – we would love to hear :>)

You can update all the above details in this form and this is the initial and necessary step in order to gain access to the video department.

Goosebumps cover me as I sign this post

Thanks and big hug to everyone.

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