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22/9 - Status Update, 5000 people

We hear a lot of voices saying that Midburn has been canceled / postponed and so on.

So no! We neither postponed nor canceled.

Midburn 2021 will take place on October 25-30!


We continue to plan for an event of 7000 people, and also believe that it is indeed obtainable. However, since today's regulations only allow for up to 5000 people, we are obliged to consider how we can hold the event within this limit.

As we previously shared at the end of the last sale, currently 4300 tickets have been purchased.

With 700 unsold tickets remaining, how do we plan to downscale the event to 500 participants?

We have considered the following points:

1.The nature of the event - some camps may not be able to fully realize their gift to the community, art installations and performances that cannot take place, etc. How will this affect the Playa and the content in the event?

2.Production Departments - There might be some shortcomings that we will have to ask community members who are not yet participating, to join in and take part.

3.Budget - Currently an event of 5000 people is an event that leaves a deficit. We will need to figure out how to cover it, whether by adding a certain amount to each participant or raising funds in a different way. Other options - subtracting one day of the event, or changing the production. All these measures will take place on top of a significant cut in expenses.

4.Covid19 - We are required to comply with the Green Pass regulations. This means - displaying either a valid certificate of full vaccination, a valid certificate of recovery, or a valid negative PCR test. Moreover, we are still in communication with the relevant authorities to figure out how to conduct the event in the best possible manner.

5. An equally important point, let's suppose that we can add the remaining 2000 people to the event - will they add to camps / art, OMG - how do we do it?

So how do we do all that ? We want to hear from you too! In order to reach a decision on the next step we seek your advice.

On Sunday 26.09.2021 at 19:00 we will hold a community Zoom meeting.

We are open to hearing the creative ideas each and every one of you has on how to do it!

That is to say, addressing each of the points we have already thought about and also those that we have not taken into account.

In order for us to have an effective and fruitful discussion - why, of course, there is a form:

According to the ideas / suggestions that will come up through the form, we will plan the agenda and go through the topics for discussion.

The hearing will take place at 19:00 - Add to calendar:

A Zoom link will be published / attached to the calendar prior to the meeting.


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