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A few words on the Ticketing program, Participation and the Theme

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

A few words on the Ticketing program, Participation and the Theme

Midburn’s theme for 2021 is ‘Return’ (in Hebrew Return and repetition is the same word).

We’re coming home - We’re the same, yet not as we were.

We will gather inwards, For five nights and six days.

Giving more attention to participation, culture and content.

Once we’ve re-established ourselves on solid ground with deep roots, we will be able to grow outward.

Therefore, after 3 years in which the city of Midburn did not rise from the dust, we feel like it would be best to reduce the number of participants and not have a big event like Midburn 2018.

Midburn attracts many participants, which is wonderful and exciting.

Saying that, the burn this year can only contain half the amount of participants whom attended the previous Midburn 2018.

This means that not everyone will be able to join us.

Although it’s tough and upsetting us all, this is our current reality and we are called to understand that many of us will not be able to attend Midburn this year.

The main emphasis in the ticketing program is on participation in any form.

We tried to create a balance which opens an option to join for all-

  • Artists and content creators

  • Production volunteers

  • Children

  • Seniors

  • Special needs

  • Low income

  • Support tickets

  • And yes, even an open sale

Let’s talk about money.

After a long wait for a large burn event, no certain land, Covid-19, etc, etc; We need to Re-start financially as well.

To be able to support art in all its forms.

To be able to produce reserves.

To be able to establish a long term permanent venue for Midburn’s coming years including development of the land.

To be able to maintain continuity and proper management.

And with expenses generally rising in recent years,

We have raised the ticket price a bit, and created more elements within the ticket.

We also tripled the number of low-income tickets.

Not everyone will agree, nor will be happy about it. There will be plenty of ‘voices’ and suggestions on “how you could have done it better”, but for this year - the decision has been made.

We’re truly excited,

Seeing how the movement begins,

How dreams are manifested,

The creativity and the desire,

Energy is bubbling everywhere, and there is no doubt that magic is already happening.

We’re coming home.

The Dream is becoming Reality.



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