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Covid Test

Following the green light guidelines, Midburn allows you to get to the gate and perform a corona check on the spot before entering the city.

How long is the test enough?

The test will be valid for 24 hours. That means you can go out and come back as many times as you want as long as the test is still valid.

What happens after 24 hours?

As long as you're inside the event space, everything's good.

If you left the event area, you will be required to present a valid check again, so you will need to be checked again (and pay again)

The cost of the test?

The cost of the test is NIS 70. For a single test, for one participant, for one day.

How do you pay for the test?

By credit card only (not Amex), using the ticketing system.

Can I purchase a test for someone else?

Yes, at the time of purchase, the name and ID number of the subject must be stated.

Can I purchase a quantity of tests in the same order?

Yes. More than one test card can be purchased in one order, and the details of each subject must be stated on each card


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