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A moment before we meet again on the playa, here is all you need to know about B.E.D in one short post!

💕 We offer assistance, support and counseling for members of the community in cases of sexual assault.


☎ During Midburn we also operate an assistance line - the line will be available 24 hours a day and will immediately connect to the Mita assistant, who has undergone dedicated training at the assistance center.

* We recommend that you keep the number with you - 0528622466


מיט Mita assistants will also be available for you in our pleasant and quiet assistance complex, located at xx. In addition, our volunteers will tour the area during the event and can be identified by the purple robe they wear.


👥 You can also contact us completely anonymously.


מיט Mita volunteers will be happy to help with any inquiries and answer any questions (including general questions regarding enthusiastic consent, safe space, etc.).


🧙‍♂ During the event, you can also contact Mita with requests for immediate treatment of a sexual abuser. Our volunteers are not the ones who will deal with the issue in front of him / her, but know how to refer to those who believe in the incident.


🌅 You can contact Mita with the help of the nomads touring the area.


May we all have a safe, liberating and wonderful desert.

Ways to contact Mita:
Facebook Mita
Mail Mita
Phone Mita

You can apply in a private message for assistance through the page throughout the year



On our ability as participants, as human beings, as a community, to prevent sexual assault
And help create safer and more pleasant spaces in Midburn>

MITA's poster collection, Midburn 2018


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