What exactly is Midburn?

The city of Midburn is the culmination of the annual activity of the Midburn community - Once a year, for a week, the community gathers in the desert to unite and establish a temporary city, where almost everything is created solely by its residents. The city is the largest art gallery in Israel. The entire city is planned and built by the city's residents, with each participant contributing their share, in accordance with ten guiding principles. And now for a bit of history - Because why not ? At the beginning of 2013, the community in Israel was officially recognized by the global parent organization, Burning Man, and today Midburn is the second largest regional of 65 communities in the world. For a more detailed explanation of what Midburn is, click here

Ten principles? What are these?

The Ten Principles are guidelines written in 2004 by one of Burning Man's founders, Larry Harvey. The principles were not formulated to determine how to behave, but to reflect the culture and ethos of the community as they have developed organically since the birth of the first event. It is very important to know the ten principles before coming to Midburn, as they will accompany you along the way, in almost any question that arises. For a detailed explanation of the ten principles, click here.

I've been to many festivals in Israel and around the world, is it the same thing?

Midburn is not a festival. It is a temporary city founded by its residents, who determine what content it will have. There is no production that determines the content. What we bring with us is what we have (and you will begin to get used to this sentence, because you will hear it a lot ...). Within Midburn, as in any city, there is a wide range of activities to participate in. Aside from the parties, each theme camp offers its own content and gifting to the playa.

Where does Midburn take place?

The location will be announced soon. But it will be in the desert.

I heard it's the biggest rager in the country, and the parties are crazy, is that true?

Midburn offers things far beyond parties. The parties are just some of the happenings in the city. Whether they will be crazy or not will only be determined by the participants, there is no "production" that organizes parties. There are sound camps, which offer their gift to the community (gifting), and you are totally welcome to set one up yourself, or join an existing sound camp. It is important to emphasize that Midburn offers much beyond parties ... Parties are just part of the deal - Everyone brings the gifts they want to give to the community, so there is a wide range of art, workshops, food, activities, music and yes, also peace & quiet.

How do I get updates from Midburn?

Midburn's official website Midburn's Facebook page The official Midburn Talk Facebook group Midburn's Instagram The Bear Updates - Midburn Newsletter (To sign up for the bear, read the first bear newsletter)

City ​​Residents

Is Midburn an accessible city?

Yes, Midburn has an amazing accessibility department that helps everyone participate in Midburn. If you have a specific need, they are there to help you! Contact them at fly@midburn.org

I am close to retirement age. Will it fit in at Midburn?

Certainly ! Midburn is an event that is suitable for all ages, and absolutely includes everyone. This year there are even specific ticket allocations for senior citizens and you can read and fill out an application form on the tickets page. It is however important to understand that the physical conditions in Midburn are not easy or comfortable, and everyone is required to assess whether their body is prepared to deal with such conditions, as well as be prepared to care for themselves completely independently. In cases where assistance is required, you may contact the Accessibility Department at info@midburn.org, and we will be happy to assist as much as possible. There is also a clinic providing first aid, doctor and paramedic services at Midburn.

Are children allowed?

Of course! Lots of burners attend Midburn with kids. However, there are some highlights that are important to keep in mind when attending with children. You can read about them right below. Family Survival Guide. Every child / teenager under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. If you are bringing a child unaccompanied by both parents you will be required to present a parental consent form at the city gates. You can read all about children's tickets on the site The guide to the family survivor will soon be published on the website and here as well. We recommend you follow.

Are animals allowed?

Unfortunately not (except for service animals for the disabled - there are all kinds of approved service animals for the disabled, which we are obligated to admit by law)


I want to buy a ticket, can you send me a link to purchase?

There are several ways to purchase a Midburn ticket. Please read the detailed explanation regarding the ticketing plan, here. It is important to remember that Midburn is a city founded by its participants and it is recommended you read about participation. There is a huge demand for participation in Midburn, and the supply is limited. We would like anyone who wants to come to be able to come but reality limits us. However, as they say at Midburn, the playa will provide.

How much does it cost?

Every year the ticketing program is different, so it is important to stay up to date. This year, a ticket to Midburn costs NIS 930. In addition, a parking ticket costs NIS 60 per car or NIS 120 per caravan.

What is the price made of?

Midburn is an organization that advocates full transparency. You can read an explanation of the pricing strategy and structure right here. In addition, following the event, a transparency report will be published detailing the income and expenses in full.
Transparency reports of previous years can be seen on the association's page.

Bummer, I can not afford it. Does this mean I cannot come?

There is a certain allocation of tickets for low-income applicants. For more details on how to submit the application, click here

What is included in the ticket price?

Event production provides on-site security, restrooms and emergency services. Beyond that you will need to take care of everything you may need during the week (and if it is not clear to you why, go back to the ten principles and read a bit about radical self-reliance) and follow the publication of the updated survival guide.

If I join a theme or an art camp or production department, will I surely have a ticket?

No, participation does not equal a ticket. Each class, art installation, and theme camp receives a certain number of allocations for the purchase of tickets that they distribute among the participants.

I have a ticket but I can not come, what do we do?

Read all details about canceling a ticket and transferring tickets.

And what about COVID?

Midburn will be established in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel and the COVID regulations that will be in place at the time of the establishment of the city. In the event of event cancellation due to COVID restrictions, please read the Midburn 2021 Regulations Article 10.


Why should I even participate? After all, I pay money.

Midburn is a city whose content depends on each and every one of us - so what we bring is what we will have (we promised you that you will hear this sentence a lot :)) You can read about participation on the participation page. Anyone who has been to Midburn will attest that the experience of participation upgrades the stay in the city and contributes greatly to the sense of belonging. We believe that change, whether personal or in society as a whole, can only occur through deep personal involvement. We realize existence through doing. Everyone is welcome to work. Everyone is welcome to play. We make the world real through heart-opening actions. The principle of participation encourages us all to be active and produce the things we would like to produce at the event and in our community. The great benefit of participation allows us to create different types of interactions without us even noticing or planning them. If you do not participate this year, you surely will next year.

Okay, so how can I attend?

Participation in the event is possible through one of the production departments. Most of the departments at this point are already staffed but there is still registration for certain departments - you can see in the voices of readers that are published and on the department page. Another way is to participate in a theme camp or art installation. (Publications about camps can be found on volunteers department page and in independent publications on the Midburn Talks Facebook page)

But I filled out the form, and no one got back to me

The production departments will not necessarily get back to everyone who filled out the form. - Each department needs a certain amount of volunteers, and in most departments the demand far exceeds the supply, we make every effort to get back to everyone, but we too are volunteers. Often, our email goes straight to spam. Check there too.

What does it mean to have a theme camp or art?

You may find all the information here.

How do I join theme camp?

There are several ways: You can set up camp yourself. You can roam the Facebook group and look for camps that recruit new members, or upload a post where you introduce yourself, and maybe meet the camp that is right for you. It is possible to reach existing camps through a friend who is already a member of that camp. There is a magical private initiative - a camp searching website

Do I have to join a theme camp?

Definitely not. Midburn can also be visited as a free camper, meaning without a camp. Keep in mind that arriving this way will force you to take care of yourself completely and entirely!

And what about the city?

Will I be able to buy food and drink?

In Midburn you can buy nothing but ice. Participants are required to take care of all the food and drink they will consume during the event, whether in self-organization or through participation in a camp. It is important to understand that the production of the event does NOT provide even water (recommended at least 5 liters per day/person) and each person is expected to take care of their own personal needs for a week's stay in the desert.

Is there a city shuttle?

There is no organized transportation to the event. Each participant is required to arrange for personal round trip arrangements. It is recommended to share transportation, as it is both environmental and economical. A hitchhiking calendar will be published ahead of the event, and you can also search for and offer a ride in a dedicated post that will be posted on the Facebook group. Sometimes city residents organize a shared bus. Follow the publications

How do you survive in Midburn?

It is very important to read Midburn's survival guide, which will be published soon

How do you deal with the heat?

Desert temperatures in September can be extreme. It is important to bring enough water (at least 5 liters per person per day), as well as sunscreen (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen with high SPF, clothing suitable for extreme heat conditions). In order to help Midburn participants cope with the heat it will be possible to purchase ice bags (and this will be the only thing you can buy in our temporary town).

And how do you deal with the cold?

The nights in Midburn can be very cold. Bring warm clothing - long clothes (possibly also thermal), coats, a wool hat and anything that may help you keep warm on freezing nights.

And how do you deal with the dust?

Dust goggles can definitely help you in our temporary city. Also participants suffering from asthma or any other respiratory conditions (which may worsen in extreme dust conditions) are required to make sure that they can indeed cope at Midburn. If they do decide to participate, they should prepare all sorts of medications and equipment they may need under severe conditions.

Are there any thefts at Midburn? Who keeps the equipment?

Event production is not responsible for participants' personal equipment. It is recommended to not bring valuables to the event.

Is there a clinic at Midburn?

There is a clinic at Midburn that can only provide an initial medical response. Beyond that, the treatment of medical emergencies is based on the existing medical services in the State of Israel. It is important to emphasize that each participant has a responsibility to take care of any special medication required for themselves, as well as in special medical conditions to make sure that they can indeed cope with the difficult physical conditions that exist at Midburn.

What to bring?

Is there a list of equipment?

There are plenty of lists online. we highly recommend following the publications at the Midburn Desert event and website

What about food and water?

Participants are required to bring all the food and water they will need during the event, whether in self-preparation or through participation in the camp. Provide enough food and enough water for a week in the desert, at least 5 liters per person per day. Prior to the event, lists of equipment that community members share are sometimes posted on the various Facebook groups. It is recommended to follow them.


Are portable gas burners allowed?

The use of portable gas burners is prohibited in Midburn. Detailed safety procedures regarding gas and fire in Midburn will be published at a later date.

Is lighting fires allowed?

It is allowed to light fires, subject to the safety guidelines that will be published later.

Are electric generators allowed?

The use of Midburn generators is prohibited for licensing reasons. Connection to electricity is possible only through the main electricity supplier, in advance and according to the guidelines that will be published later.

Is it possible to reach my tent with a vehicle?

It is not possible to reach any tents with a vehicle. The parking will be in a defined area and far from the tents. You must be prepared to carry equipment from the vehicle to the tent. There is a camp that gifts carts for carrying personals and equipment. You may look for them in Facebook groups For theme camps, vehicles will be allowed for the purpose of unloading the camp's equipment - on construction days. During the event, there will be no vehicles entering the city, except for authorized suppliers (water, gray water, evacuation of toilets).

Civic responsibility at Midburn

What is Civic responsibility anyway?

Civic responsibility is one of the ten principles on which the Midburn community is based. The principle is that we recognize the value of civil society and that community members who organize events take responsibility for public safety and are responsible for communicating their civic responsibility to participants. The organizers are also responsible for holding the events in accordance with local and state laws.

But I heard that at Midburn everyone creates magic all the time!

Consumption of illegal substances prohibited by state law is also strictly prohibited at Midburn.

So it's okay if I'm completely sober?

Yeah completely! I am completely sober too!

Will there be a police force at Midburn?

Certainly, the Midburn Association has been working in full cooperation with the Israel Police for years, and there will be a police presence at the event in order to maintain the security of the participants in the event.