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Midburn Talk 2022 - Art Participate

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Beloved Midburn artists,

You are invited to participate in the event Midburn Talk that will take place on May 8, 2022 in Tel Aviv.

The evening is intended to give a voice and a stage to the burn culture and the ways in which it trickles into our lives and perhaps changes them completely.

The first evening will focus on transitions: significant changes, going out of the comfort zone and courage.

Life is characterized by transitions. From infancy to childhood to adulthood. From our parents house to independence, from profession to profession, from ideas to creation, from holy to ordinary, from dreams to reality. Internally and externally - we are always in motion, transition, growth and change.

This is a call for works of art that keep changing their form, represent transitions and changes in an idea or an artistic product. Perhaps using materials differently from their original use, reflections of lifelong experiences, personal development and changes in perceptions, beliefs, values and norms. Or, works that create interactions that take the observer through a transition that changes the form and meaning of familiar patterns.

We invite you to suggest for the Midburn talk event your artistic expressions (installations, statues, paintings, video art, photos, live performances, etc), including interactive works.

The art will be displayed in the open sky entrance pavilion to the auditorium.

*** Important technical details ***

- Maximum art piece height: 1.8 meters (including the base)

- Transport and setup is done individually

- There is a modest budget for expense reimbursement, up to 500NIS reimbursement for direct expenses.


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