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The 2023 Nomads training is starting!

Do you want to enter the magical world of the Nomads? Have you always known that your gifts are in face to face communications, assisting and being there for others? Or is it just a gift that you wish to bring with you to the playa and your person lives?Here is your chance! Who can join the Nomad training ?

  1. Anyone

  2. Anyone interested in being part of the Nomads department and participating as a nomad in Midburn events.

  3. Camp leads - have you had issues in your camp? We invite you or a camp representative to the Nomads training - It will provide you the tools and skills required to mediate effective solutions.

  4. Organizers and leaders of burn events/parties. It is a great opportunity for participants in the various events to go through the Nomad training.

  • The training will take place on Friday, 23rd of June, 2023

  • Location: Yavne (exact address will be sent to the participants at a later date)

  • The training will start at 09:00 and end around 15:30

  • To register, please fill out the following form:

Link for registration Please note The number of participants is limited due to location limitations. Please register early to ensure you can participate. Nomads community: Link for Nomads community


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