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A whole wide world of content - Art & Theme camp

What is content?

Content in Midburn represents radical self expression in the form of fulfilling dreams, the dreams of the giver and whoever chose to accept/experience the gift. 

The dream can take the shape of an insane art installation, or the form of a small and minimalist one. It can appear as an inspiring theme camp or as one that challenges the recipient. It can take the form of an art car, one that’s hard to believe just passed by, or a live performance that leaves us speechless and full of energy.


Every such chosen dream enters our content category that we are all so eager to see in the upcoming Midburn. This year, the art and theme camps departments are coming together form Midburn 2021 and merging to one department - The content department.

The department was created to unify all of the content arriving at our city in one place, with the goal of creating a homogeneous distribution that takes all of the city’s various elements and faces into consideration.

The department will encourage interactions and collaborations between all of the content creators, and will encourage creating a common language within this newly formed shared house.

The content creators will be accompanied by the department angels throughout all of the steps: from the moment of registration form submission up to arrival at the Playa. They will accompany, assist, support, join and give direct answers to every question.

We will create a new and united community in which all participants dream, execute and fulfill their content in the city - Together! Ready? Let’s start...


Midurn’s art vision calls for creating interactive and culturally elevating experiences through participation. 

The artistic creation at Midburn promotes a change in the paradigm of art, from a commercial object to an experience of creative and autonomous self expression.

The ten principles are the guide to the artistic activity in Midburn.


Midburn art includes a wide variety of possibilities: fixed art installations, performance art, artcars.

You are welcome to enter the foundations website and choose.

Everyone is welcome to create

Everyone is welcome to take part

Everyone is welcome to participate

Theme Camp

A theme camp is the home of a group of people (at least 20) that have banded together under the same dream and mutual desire. Under their own self built roof they can shed light and harness their radical self expression as a group. They can decide to host, or not. They can decide to serve food and drinks, or not. If they desire they can play music and hold workshops, or not. In short, as you probably understood, they can bring to our temporary city anything they dream about (as long as it is legal ofcourse).

Theme camps and freecampers are what makes up the population of our temporary city, Midburn.

This year we offer something new: Art grants specifically for art hosted within a theme camp.

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